Attention Frustrated Internet Entrepreneur…


How a convicted felon used a sneaky yet perfectly legal system to create a lucrative online business in 30 days... 

And How You Can Do The Same Even If You Have No Expertise, Reputation Or Technical Ability!

It’s the same system used by billion dollar corporations like Amazon, McDonald's and Apple to dominate the market

Hey I’m Jouvan Johnson and If you want to generate “hands free” income online but tired of rehashed information and working long hours without seeing any real, tangible results then this may be the most important letter you ever read…

Firstly let me ask you a question.

Would you take advice from a convicted criminal?

Sounds like a silly question, Right? Well don’t make up your mind just yet because I’ve got a true story to tell you that sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood Movie.

A few years ago I was in the very same situation you may be in right now

Fantasising about the “internet lifestyle” that all the guru’s keep selling.


Dreams of having a freedom business that spews out cash on demand while taking 5 star vacations every month.

But in reality I was stuck in the same place I was 6 months prior.

Trying SEO, Facebook ads, CPA, List building, Affiliate Marketing, blogging, Youtube, you name it I probably tried it

I was on so many lists trying so many things that it was impossible for me to get any real traction.

Everyday there were hundreds of emails in my inbox pitching me the latest and greatest quick cash hack to a million bucks a minute

I was getting pulled and pushed in every direction.


Each day there was a new shiny object being rammed down my throat while taking dollars out of my pocket

I was frustrated and overwhelmed there was so much information being thrown at me that I was paralyzed.

Not knowing what to do next.

I soon realised that most of these marketers that sent me to a new offer each day didn’t really care about my success, they only cared about the commission I sent them from buying through their affiliate link.

I made the decision to unsubscribed from 90% of all the lists that just used me as a virtual ATM and instead I went on a journey to learn directly from successful people.

The thing is I was DEAD BROKE I couldn’t afford the $5000+ coaching fee some of these guys were charging so I had to get a little creative.

I started to attend internet those free internet marketing events where they would sell their products at the back of the room in the hopes I would get to meet some successful people

And it paid off.

One of the speakers that day really caught my attention. Let’s call him Paul for the purpose of this letter.

He shared his story of how he went from...

Dead broke to making over $170,000 per month pure profit with affiliate porn sites and living 6 months out of the year in the Bahamas.

That sounded like heaven to me..

Then he went into how he lost it all when a much larger competitor saw his growth, felt threatened and decided to drown him in false legal claims until he ran out of cash and couldn’t fight anymore.

It was brutal. He ended up going bankrupt and struggling to provide for his family.

It was at that point he made the terrible desperate decision to illegally grow some cannabis plants that he could sell to cover the bills and put food on the table for his family.

Being the ultimate entrepreneur he is he started to do some calculations.

If he approached the drug game like a real business he could make a quick killing and be debt free then back on track with a legitimate business within a year.

He went into hustle mode and rapidly scaled up the operation from a couple plants to a two storey warehouse.

Everything was going well and the cannabis crop was just a few weeks away from harvest. He could see the finish line!

But then disaster struck…

Part of the equipment in the warehouse caught fire so the sprinklers came on but never stopped. The water flooded the whole warehouse.

When the fire department came to investigate they found the illegal plant life and called the police who linked Paul to the operation.

Even though it was his first ever offence the scale at which he operated proved a deciding factor in his trial so he was convicted to 4 years in prison.

He was now a convicted felon that had truly hit rock bottom.

But he didn’t just idle the days, months and years away in a prison cell feeling sorry for himself.


He started planning and studying the marketing greats so on his release he was ready to get back to work.

Within his first year out of prison and back online he had made over $300,000 selling digitally downloadable products.

His story of success, failure and success again fascinated me. I had to get to know him so after his talk I introduced myself and we struck up a conversation.

We actually got on and over the coming months we became good friends and he even offered me a deal to work with him, which I dived at.

It was in this time that he shared the techniques used by multi-million and billion dollar corporations to leverage the hard work already done by others to 2X, even 3X the speed  and impact of your own results.

No one anywhere was teaching this stuff it's the...

Real underground techniques that you will NEVER find shared in some rehashed get rich quick eBook

When I was exposed to it it made so much sense, it’s the very same strategies used by the likes of Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and Warren Buffet.

I don’t know how I had never thought of it before.

You get 3 times the results with half the effort.

Paul and I putting these offers together week in week out, some did better than others but it was almost impossible to be out of pocket.

There is no upfront cost so no risk and the system builds on its past success so the more you implement it the better your results long term.

But to truly test the system I needed to give it a go on my own. No support from Paul.

I followed the steps as I had done before, yes I was nervous but I believed in the system and followed the steps exactly as I was taught.

I moved super slow so it took me 5 days to set up but in the end my results were amazing...

When I finally clicked “go” I generated exactly $24,067.08 in sales in less than 30 days I couldn’t have been happier.

I had cracked code.

Now this is not an income claim this is just factual results of what I got following the exact steps you are about to learn.

It was now obvious to me that the fake "guru’s" pitching you a new product each week don’t really want you to succeed. They sell you one thing while they do the complete opposite.


It sickens me to the pit of my stomach when I look in the different marketplaces and I see these self proclaimed “Goo - Roo’s” selling outdated Bull Sh*t products that never give you the full picture.

They make sure you have to buy more and more from them never making any real progress unless you give in and buy their $5,000 coaching program or $10,000 done for you service.

If you continue in this cycle of jumping from tactic to tactic never discovering what really works, then in 6 months from now, a year from now, even 3 years from now you will be in the exact same position you are in today.

After seeing behind the curtain I knew I needed to share the real strategies with you.

Right now is the perfect time, there is more opportunity than ever and it’s the easiest it has ever been.

If you are frustrated at the lies you are constantly being fed, the overly hyped garbage products being pushed on you daily, the constant cycle of failure and overwhelm.

Then this PROVEN step by step system is exactly what you need

Introducing The Profit Power Play 

The Proven 3 Step System For Rapid Online Success

The very first time I implemented the 3 steps you are about to get your hands on I generated $24,067.08 in sales in under 30 days.

I started with no product, no list and no previous connections but ended the month with profit in my pocket and a buyers list of over one thousand (1092) subscribers that I could re-market to for ongoing income.

I went from a nobody to an instant expert with credibility and you can do the same.

It’s the only system that can catapult your results in such a short space of time all without you spending a penny on ads or being unethical.

It’s as simple and easy as remembering to put on underwear before you leave the house.

If you can follow step by step instructions then there is no way the Profit Power Play will not work for you.


Inside you will discover…

  • The secret formula used by 7 and 8 figure marketers that create lucrative digital products in any market in 3 hours or less even if you have no experience.

  • How to avoid being a "crash test dummy" in your business and capitalize on the testing efforts of other people! (This one secret alone can kick-start your success right out of the gate!)

  • The 3 common characteristics that separate the winning product ideas that sold like crazy from the total duds (this eliminates wasting months of precious time working on something that becomes a complete failure)

  • How to become an “instant expert in your market… without boring research, spending hours studying or spending one red cent

  • An amazing discovery that doubles your income… without a single new customer!

  • Why most people FAIL as internet marketers: the TRUTH about what it takes to be successful. I don't sugarcoat this and I am NOT "hyping" you into some shady business opportunity or product. (what you create is 100% yours and you get all the benefit)

  • How to identify and only work on High Probability Projects --- here are the insider "checklists" the 'pros' use to determine whether your idea will be a winner or not so you waste no time on losers

  • How to get started from scratch... and build a thriving business - even if you don't have your own list... have little or no business experience... and not much money to get started!

  • Where the TRUE VALUE lies in your internet business! (It's NOT what you think! Most people figure they need to be a writer or creator to make millions! Nothing could be further from the truth - here's why...)

  • The one closely-guarded secret that every insider knows... but hopes you never discover for yourself!

  • One largely overlooked advantage of having other people sell your products for you - even if you're forking over super-generous commissions and feeling the sting of these high payouts! (Hint: It's the secret to building an EMPIRE instead of simply generating some instant cash!)

  • This 3 step formula used by legends like Dan Kennedy is the ONLY true step by step system that literally takes you by the hand to create killer income online that you can repeat in any market as many times as you want. Multiplying on your success.

  • And So so much more…

Imagine when you follow the proven step by step process laid out in The Profit Power Play.

With my help you create a profitable automated system that pulls in sales daily even while you sleep. You are no longer confused, overwhelmed or frustrated.

You know what works, you know how to execute and you have a plan of action.

You have finally cracked this internet marketing “thing” and you have a set of skills that will last with you for a lifetime.

You now have the power to choose your destiny, no more relying on someone else to control how much you earn and when you get paid. You can finally see the road to freedom and you are hurtling down it like a runaway train.

The Profit Power Play is a no fluff digital downloadable course that you get INSTANT access to so you can start taking action on the steps immediately.

No waiting around for anything to be shipped or approved.


And the best part is you get this training 100% FREE when you join our private community.

Introducing The Marketing With Jouvan Inner Circle or MWJ-IC for short

Where in our private members only Facebook group I can help you identify the most direct path for YOU and give you the exact steps you need to take today to start seeing results as soon as tomorrow.

You will have direct personal access to me to answer any questions you may have.

This is the best way I know how to truly help you grow your online business in the shortest time.

For this personal level of consulting and coaching I could easily charge upwards of $150 per hour.

That means if I coached you for just 1 hour a week my fee would be $600 per month

But I understand that this would be out of reach for the people that need it most so I decided not to charge anywhere near that much.

Instead I decided to figure out what this coaching could be worth to you.

So let’s look at some conservative numbers.

If I was able to help you create an automated internet business and helped you to pocket an extra $1000 a month, don’t you think $250 invested in coaching would be worth it?

Any sane person would gladly invest $250 per month for a $1,000 monthly return that’s $750 profit that will compound and grow every month

But I knew I could do even better and really make this a no brainer for you.

So I decided for a limited number of people you can get complete access to the Marketing With Jouvan Inner Circle and immediate access to The Profit Power Play Training for only $38.90 per month.

That’s just $1.29 per day.

You can’t even get a Starbucks coffee at that price. A tall Caffe Latte is $2.95 and a Venti Caffe Mocha is $4.65

Is Your Future Worth More Than A Cup Of Coffee?

I think so.

And… you can join right now for just $1.00


Check us out for an entire week, go through all the training, ask me unlimited questions, and if you love the experience, do nothing and you'll be billed just $38.90 per month for as long as you’d like to stay.

If you decide it’s just not right for you for any reason at all…

Whether it’s next week or six months from now, just send me an email at jouvan[@] and you’ll never be billed again.

To join today all you need to do now is click the Order button on this page, fill out the order form on the next page and follow the instructions to gain access.

This offer is extremely limited because there are only so many people I can effectively help at any one time so I reserve the right to increase the price or close the doors at any moment without notice.

So if the button below is clickable, press it now to secure your access to the MWJ-IC and get The Profit Power Play training Instantly.

But a word of warning…

This is NOT for you if you’re looking for some get rich quick scheme or not prepared to do some work.

Creating an internet business just like any other business takes effort and hard work.

But the rewards of having one that can pay you while you sleep is unmatched.

No more boss, no more alarm, no more commute if you don’t want to and the best part...

The ability to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

So if you’re not scared of a little effort and can follow simple instructions, then the Marketing With Jouvan Inner Circle is for you.

Click the button below now and I’ll see you on the inside.

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Test drive everything, take advantage of my coaching for a full 30 days and if you are not totally blown away just shoot me an email at jouvan[@] and I will refund you every penny.

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You have absolutely nothing to lose. The very worst scenario is that you get your money back and you get to keep the Profit Power Play Training anyway.

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See you on the inside.

Jouvan Johnson

PS - If you don't take advantage of the opportunity that is in front of you right now you could waste another week, another month even another year stuck in the very same situation spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

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Following this simple system I was able to go from a standing start to doing 5 figures in sales in less that 30 days.

This is the same process companies like Apple, McDonald's and Amazon use to grow billion dollar corporations in record time.

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